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  • LFPConverter  101)   LFPConverter 1.2
    Create Bates ranges from IPRO LFP load files. This application was designed with the litigation support professional in mind. Now you can have begin and end bates as well as begin and end attachments ready for import into a database.

  • Text Hawk Text Editor  102)   Text Hawk Text Editor 5.01
    Fast, multi-language Windows text editor that blends usability with simplicity. Experience the power to edit the way you want without interruption. Features color syntax highlighting, tabbed interface, regular expression searching, and more.

  • KeyCleanse  103)   KeyCleanse 1.0
    Stop spending hours wading through your keyword lists. KeyCleanse is a free application that can clean your keyword list in seconds. KeyCleanse removes the keywords that do not meet your requirements and leaves only the keywords you need.

  • Web2PDF Converter  104)   Web2PDF Converter 1.0
    PDF conversion tool that lets you easily convert web page to PDF document, at no cost. Simply paste the URL of the web page to be converted, and click the "convert to PDF" button.

  • Sohodox  105)   Sohodox 5
    Sohodox - Windows based document management software for your small office.Using Sohodox you can quickly create a centralized, searchable database of all your documents. Keep documents private or share them with other Sohodox users on your network.

  • Bainsoft BSQL  106)   Bainsoft BSQL 2.0
    BSQL is a SQL Query Intellisense Tool. It provides high quality intellisense for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Sybase, etc.

  • eBooksWriter GOLD create ebook  107)   eBooksWriter GOLD create ebook 2010.22.34
    Professional all-in-one ebook software. Not just a compiler: create, edit, protect (passwords, forbid print and copy, expiry,etc) pack a exe (or also mobi epub idpf) e-book with ease. 6000+ features, original interface optimized for speed.

  • TextCrawler  108)   TextCrawler 1.0
    A tool for searching and replacing across multiple text files. Supports regular expressions and provides an expression tester and library facility. It also features an interactive file list and highlighted search results. Freeware.

  • FindYourFiles  109)   FindYourFiles 3.2.2
    Application used for filing documents. Documents are stored in subject-based folders or binders which correspond to traditional archives. E-archive is far more secure and less effected by the consequences of chance events. Finding documents is much easier.

  • Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Converter  110)   Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Converter 1.2
    Viobo MSSQL to MySQL Converter convertes data between databases easily. The user-friendly interfase, convertion and backup make batch data operations simple. It supports all versions of MSSQL and MySQL, supports both oledb and odbc database provider.

  • Headwind Mobile Promoter  111)   Headwind Mobile Promoter 2.3.0604
    Try this SMS marketing system to inform the clients about the news and events! The SMS system requires only a GSM modem connected to your PC. The software is designed to run targeted SMS campaigns to thousands of subscribers.

  • MySQL To MSSQL Migrator  112)   MySQL To MSSQL Migrator
    Software convert MySQL database to MSSQL server provides comprehensive database conversion service for converting tables and records into destination format. Database synchronization software translate all data includes primary, foreign key, indexes.

  • Batch WinFax2TIFF  113)   Batch WinFax2TIFF 2.00
    Batch WinFax2TIFF is a WinFax fxr fxs fxm fxd to tif tiff converter, able to convert WinFax fxd fxm fxr fxs fax to tif tiff files in batches. Both GUI and command line modes.

  • Email and Data Extractor Pro  114)   Email and Data Extractor Pro 3.2.25
    With Email Data Extractor Pro you can automatically get lists of e-mail, or web page links and store them for future use. Software can scan and extract data stored in Windows clipboard, single file or in gigantic quantum of text, htm, xml and others.

  • ParmisPDF Lite  115)   ParmisPDF Lite 3.0
    ParmisPDF is a perfect PDF tool with the ability to perform wide range of operations on PDF documents, comprising a user-friendly interface ideal for users of any skill level. This application is useful for businesses and organizations in any scale

  • mergemaster  116)   mergemaster 1.4
    MergeMaster is a revolutionary program created specifically to merge data found in plain text files. A user-friendly interface with "point and click" functionality enables even the least technical user to become a professional at merging files.

  • Momentum Writer  117)   Momentum Writer 1.01
    Momentum Writer is the ultimate tool for distraction-free writing. Like a mechanical typewriter, users are prevented from editing previously written text. There are no specific formatting options, no scrolling, deleting, or revisions.

  • String File Splitter  118)   String File Splitter 3.1
    Let’s suppose you have a text file that has repeated text segments in it that you are interested in. The String File Splitter (SFS) will allow you to separate those text segments automatically and manipulate the results.

  • HomeGed  119)   HomeGed 2009.2.0.0
    HomeGed is a document management software (single). With HomeGed, store, organize, see the paper and digital documents of all formats.

  • BlueLive  120)   BlueLive 3.0
    Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongel range, all you need is BlueLive and Bluetooth dongel and a PC

  • Relationship Builder  121)   Relationship Builder 1.2
    Relationship Builder easily creates a text file that displays an association between a document and its attachments, known as parent and child association. You can quickly create parent and child fields.

  • Easy File Editor  123)   Easy File Editor 2.3.6
    Easy File Editor- Powerful text operations engine to process large number of files routinely.

  • Find and Replace  124)   Find and Replace 1.1
    Find and replace is like a global search and replace utility on steroids.

  • BlueLiveLite  125)   BlueLiveLite 4.0
    Easy to use proximity marketing software that allows you to send your data to all Bluetooth® equipped mobile phones within a Your Bluetooth Dongel range, all you need is BlueLiveLite and Bluetooth dongel and a PC

  • HomeGed Enterprise  126)   HomeGed Enterprise 2009.2.0.0
    HomeGed is a document management software (client/server). With HomeGed Enterprise, store more than 100,000 documents and make them accessible from computers in your network.

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